Tips to Get your Outdoor Space Ready for Spring

Garden Furniture with Built in Fire Pit at Oak Furniture House

How you can take your spring outdoor dining to the next level

It's almost looking like we can plan evenings out in the garden, so now would be the perfect time to start thinking about garden dining and outdoor lighting.

We’ve rounded up the most important things you need to consider when taking on ”project garden”.

What outdoor lighting should I choose?

Outdoor lighting is as essential for outdoors as well as in. Placing the right glimmers of light around your garden will always enhance the atmosphere, making spaces more welcoming. Use storm lanterns, most evenings aren't still enough for a candle to stay lit for very long, so these are a great and attractive solution.

Light the path to your house by putting candles along the entrance and at key points around the place (like the way to the bathroom). The best outdoor lighting is for sure one that would help create an overall cosy glow atmosphere in your outdoor area and is a matter of personal preference.

You should consider a combination of practical and ambience-boosting effect when choosing from the multitude of types of garden lighting available out there. Here are just a few ideas to get your inspiration going.

  • If you’re into getting that intimate, cosy, “Instagram Garden” look, you should consider stringing out a few festoon lights or outdoor garland lights that run along pathways, the deck or around the table top. They will not only look amazing but are also a good light source and will help brighten up your space.
  • When thinking about garden lights, you can’t ignore the storm lanterns, which will introduce great ambience to your garden after dusk.
  • If you fancy something handmade, you always have the lovely glass jar and tea lights which you can decorate from things you’ve got around your home. Make sure you’ve got a few electric tea lights
  • Solar garden lights are a great environmentally friendly alternative, with plenty of variety in style and material.

What outdoor dining set is best for me?

Family relaxing on fabric outdoor garden furniture

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The beauty of long summer days is dining outside and so thinking about what you most enjoy eating is a good place to start when planning for your garden setup. The star of the show might be your barbeque or a roast or you might enjoy salads and light foods. Think about setting up an ice bucket outside for drinks so guests can help themselves and it saves you to-ing and fro-ing to the kitchen - your bucket could be anything from a galvanised steel bath to a plastic bendy bucket - they all do the job it just depends how far you’re pushing the style factor. There are some lovely ice bucket garden sets out there. If you are going for cosy, and you want to extend your evenings you might want to consider getting an outdoor heater or better still, a garden furniture with fire pit.

Garden Dining Furniture Seating

Next on your list is seating – what sort of outdoor garden seating is best for you? Number of seats and type of seating is where you want to start. From 2 seaters to larger garden sets, from hanging egg chairs, to lounge sets, to garden benches. Think about the atmosphere you're trying to create and adapt your seating accordingly. Create some 'nooks’ where guests can talk one-on-one. Put a couple of chairs in a corner of the garden that has a nice view.

Make sure any older guests get a good comfy chair before people stark plonking themselves down. Check you have enough seats for everyone to sit at the dining table (if that's the plan for the evening) and that all your chairs will survive the evening (mend or remove any broken ones).

A dining table that seats everyone creates a wonderful atmosphere and ensures nobody feels left out or “stuck”. Garden seating has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, maybe it's time to update yours. And if you're looking to enjoy some outdoor time as quickly as possible, have a look at our Direct from Warehouse range, ready to be delivered to you in up to 7 days.