Pops of colour

A large green sofa adding colour to a living room scene. Shop Sofas from Oak Furniture House

Bring some life into your interior

Experimenting with different colours and schemes throughout your home is the finest approach to give your living areas (new) life and individuality.

We've put together a few pointers on how to incorporate colourful items into your home without making it appear cluttered and overwhelming. When in doubt, go for the proverbial balance and everything should be OK — stick to neutrals like greys, creams, and browns, with a splash of colour thrown in for good measure.

Colour basics

Sure, colour theory may sound complicated (and it is!), and you can’t help feeling a bit lost facing the myriad of options. Do not despair, start simple and you shall prevail. First, know that a colour wheel is the minimum you can do – it will tell you which colours work in harmony with others and takes the guessing work and anxiety out of selecting those base colours for your interiors.

Dare to browse Pinterest and Instagram for a pinch of inspiration too, but don’t dwell on it too much. Once you have made up your mind on the main colours you want to use, start hunting for the right items.

Go slow, one room at a time

While designing your home is no easy task, we believe that taking your time and knowing that like with all things in life, balance is key sets you up for a good start.

Furniture trends come and go, but grey is timeless. For your living room, imagine placing this gorgeous velvet green Danielle 2 Seater Sofa against a grey background? It would immediately complement the place, making it look and feel contemporary and comfortable at the same time.

Green velvet sofa

 Featuring: The Danielle Velvet 2 Seater Sofa

Nothing brings life and personality into a home quite like a pop of colour, and there’s no better way to do this than by adding a colourful piece of furniture. Be it a bright couch, statement chair or bold and bright armchair- finding the right colour pop is the way to go about refreshing your home.

At Oak Furniture House we have a wide range of furniture pieces that will inject plenty of character into your home. Moving over to the dining room, you can use pops of colour to draw attention to specific elements. Mustard and gold are a match made in heaven, as this Bentley Designs Francesca White Marble Effect Dining Table and 4 Rothko Mustard Velvet Fabric Chairs set makes it so easy to notice.

Complementary colours?

Don’t be afraid to be bold, crowd-pleasing interiors may be the safe choice, but you are bound to make a long-lasting impression with interesting combinations of complementary colours. Think blue and orange, yellow and purple or green and red! Of course, match them with your personality and don’t think you need to use them in equal parts.

It can be as simple as throwing some purple pillows on this Olten Citrus Yellow 3 Seater Sofa to get the effect you want. But you don't need to stop there. You can add colour accents through the choice of your carpets, wall decorations or smaller decorative objects. 

Yellow two seater fabric sofa available at Oak Furniture House