Lamp & Side Tables

At Oak Furniture House we have a wide variety of Lamp and Side Tables available in many different materials, colours and styles to fit seamlessly into any home. These tables are a versatile addition to any household, and can be used to display a plant or a lamp, or simply to place a cup of coffee on. Many of our Lamp and Side Tables also offer excellent additional storage space in the form of shelves and drawers.

Lamp & Side Tables
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Consider how much space you have in your home office, what storage is necessary for you and make sure it’s practical for what you need it for, whether that’s including a filing cabinet or extra desk space. 

Of course, contact our sales team by giving us a call on 01235834831 or on our live chat.

All our furniture comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty.

Some natural wood does need to be treated every few months to maintain its colour, we recommend using a wood care kit to help with the upkeep of your furniture. Painted or metal furniture can be wiped down with a damp/dry cloth to keep it clean. 

Our standard lead time is 10-20 working days, some of our home office furniture such as the Jual ranges can often be delivered in 5-10 working days.

We add new items throughout the entire year.

To clean your wood furniture, we recommend using a damp microfibre cloth to wipe off any dust and grime, wipe the item down immediately after to prevent the water sitting on the wood. A dry microfibre cloth is fine for regular dusting.

We stock home office furniture made from pine, oak, hardwood, metal and other materials. Please check our extensive ranges, including the solid oak Hampstead Range or the metal and marble Vida Living Range.

We have great deals on home office furniture all year round.

It’s entirely down to your own preference. Each wood type has its own distinctive colour and style, consider whether you want a natural wood design, a painted design or a simplistic metal design. 

We offer 0% finance and free delivery to most UK mainland addresses. We offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee for complete peace of mind. You can see independent reviews from our previous happy customers throughout our website.