Rattan Garden Furniture for Enhanced Outdoor Lifestyle

A rattan side table alongside a rattan Garden Half Moon sofa set available at Oak Furniture House

The origins of Rattan

Rattan has been a cornerstone of all kinds of furniture, both in the home and in the garden. It has been purported that rattan furniture has been used since the dawn of modern humanity. Rattan requires a warm and wet climate, and is grown in South East Asia.

It was originally exported from Indonesia as it has the perfect growing conditions, and exported to mainland Asia. Rattan is actually a genus of 13 different climbing palms which has close to 600 different species. In the UK, rattan is made synthetically, and is known as PE rattan, resin rattan and resin wicker. PE rattan has become the predominant material used as it is more durable and drastically reduces the degradation of your garden furniture.

A seemingly endless number of possibilities

Due to the years of manufacturing that have been invested in rattan furniture, the design and functionality is only limited by the imagination. They can be bought as sets, stand alone furniture, or you can buy additional furniture that will work with your existing garden. Why don’t we look at some of the furniture available.

Whitewash Rattan Garden Furniture set


Half Moon Sets

A half-moon set, also known as a crescent or U-shaped sofa set, is a fashionable sofa set that curves around a central piece of furniture. Because of the symmetrical design, everyone sitting around the coffee or dining table has access to it.

Ultimate comfort and relaxation while basking in the sun, the sun lounger needs no introduction. As a set, it can come with a side table to rest a well-earned Pina Colada or three. The Sun lounger is the ultimate way to sit by the pool and read a good book!

Day Beds

Loving the outdoors and the warm weather is one thing; relaxing in the pinnacle of garden furniture is another. The day bed usually has a covering so you don’t burn in the Sun, and can be a great way to have a day nap or exist in that twilight between awake and asleep.

Coffee Tables

The centrepiece of the living room is also a key part of the outdoor living experience. The coffee table allows for somewhere safe to put snacks and drinks. You don’t need to constantly hold them, nor put them on the floor where they could be kicked over.

Garden Fabric Bar Set in Black, with High Chairs and Round Table

Rattan Planters

Adding pots and planters to your garden is a great way of utilising the space you have and adding new plants. If you want the planters to match the rest of your furniture then you can opt for the rattan planters that look great and practical.

Rattan Sofa Sets

The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think of rattan furniture, sofas can be bought standalone or as a set. A sofa set can include chairs, tables and even ice buckets. The range of sofas is large and grows every year, so no matter what your preference, there is a sofa set available to you.

Woman relaxing on the Maze Lotus Grey Day Bed

Dining Tables

Whether you are eating outside, or in the dining area, you want an enjoyable and comfortable dining experience. The dining table is essentially a taller coffee table, but makes it so you can eat more comfortably.