Fire Pits - The Fascination With Fire

A summers evening enjoyed with a firepit garden dining set from Oak Furniture House

Many people love fire, the way the flames dance, the sound of the wood-burning, and the warmth it brings. Fire has been a useful tool in human progress, it kept our ancestors from freezing, it cooked food which helped release more nutrients, and it was a primary light source. Some are drawn to the naked flame to the point it could be dangerous, thus why there have been advancements in safety measures. Fire pits are usually a form of enclosed or partially enclosed, housing to start a fire. They can be fuelled by gas bottles or wood and are a real crowd-pleaser.

Garden Fire Pit Dining Set Closeup with food - available at Oak Furniture House

Why should you buy a fire pit

People Love them

If you enjoy the warmth of a fire pit, you are not the only one. Fire sits in the middle of a group keeping everyone warm, and lights up the area with an alluring orange glow. The fire pit becomes a focal point; it’s a conversation starter; it gets people interested. Most people have a story of how to start a fire, or even the first time they made a fire. As conversations start to trail off and everyone is feeling relaxed, the flames become a substitute for awkward silences. The flames have a somewhat hypnotic allure to them.

Different fuel options

Most would assume that all fire pits require wood to burn, you can also use gas fed fires which are easier to get going. Propane and natural gas are better options if you have a smaller garden, that is close to neighbours, or if you have some restrictions on wood burning in your area. Wood has a very distinctive smell and is also classed as air pollution. Wood also creates sparks which could catch fire if not attended. That being said, wood burning fire pits are usually cheaper and are more authentic to the outdoor experience. The cracking sound of the wood as it expands under the heat is also second to none. The sounds can be as hypnotic as the flames themselves.

Size really doesn’t matter

The size of any garden varies from place to place. Just because you have a smaller garden doesn’t mean you can’t have a safe space for a fire pit. The average UK garden size is around 15 metres long so most would come under a small to medium size. In fact, the fire pit could work as the main attraction in smaller gardens as it becomes the point where the rest of the garden is built around. Adding more character to your garden, whether it is a tropical paradise of beautiful flowers, or an easy to maintain patio and gravel.

Year-round fun

Couple chatting in the garden sitting at a fire pit dining table

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Probably the most important factor of a fire pit, is the ability to use it all year round. It doesn’t need to be used just in the summer months. The fire is a natural heat resource so you can sit outside with the stars, enjoy a glass of wine, and cosy up near the fire. If you are hosting friends, lighting the fire up on a colder night will be a welcome and inviting way to keep the party going.

Plus, there are also so many styles you can choose from, making them easy to accessorize with your existing garden furniture. From the sturdy stone fire pits to the rattan coffee table fire pits, there's plenty of variety to choose from.

Making the most of your garden

You can also enjoy cooking or warming food on a fire pit, from melting marshmallows or cooking kebabs. The possibilities are endless, not to mention the light and heat that can help you make the most of your garden and extend your evenings all year round.